It’s time to get down to knock some projects off my list!  I am a Homemaker which means I have a lot of things to make in my house lol. I am making time to create some home decorations that I have listed in my ideas book. I am doing a full overhaul on my house.

My first project is going to be: Washcloths, Tea and Hand Towels.

Crochet pattern sample

I woke up before dawn to get my colours together and find a comfy spot on my couch to nest in. I decided on the pattern in the sample above which is a row of 3sc in st, skip 2sc, 3sc in st in a 7×7 square piece. I have my hooks ready and I gave my fingers and hands a good stretch. I have a kitchen and 3 bathrooms that need new linen.

The snow is falling, coffee is brewing and here I go!

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