I’ve been crocheting and sewing more actively so my family and friends have been giving me a list of challenging requests.  One of my sons was very specific in his request of a tree frog. He said “not a toad there’s a difference”.  I did some research and studied a couple of pictures.  Here is where I’m at right now.

Project Frog

I am about halfway through the seamless head and body.  I am switching from yellow (underside and mouth) and green (head and back) taking some notes here and there. The colour palette for Project Frog is green, yellow, orange, red and blue like in this photo (i)

Project Frog (i)

I am trying different stitches and hooks to get just the right look. I think I have about 4 lopped off heads that didn’t make it, they took it for team AOTThings and the creative process.  My husband made some hearty soup for lunch which will give me some extra energy to create. I have to admit this request is a good challenge because this little buddy is looking cuter and cuter with each stitch.

I hope to have the design completed by this weekend if not sooner. With that, I’m going to sign off for now until my next Project Frog update.

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