Today is yarn cake making day.  I finally invested in a yarn winder and I love it!  I want to roll into the New Year with organization and accessibility to my tools and supplies.  I have a few series on my watch list I wanted to binge watch on my Discovery+ app.  It was the perfect time for me to force myself to sit down and make some yarn cakes.

I literally don’t know what I have and need in my yarn stash anymore so the bags of yarn are a nope for me at this point. I have been proudly completing projects and knocking them off the list. I am also getting inspired to try new things. My aunts used to crochet all their home decorations from tablecloths to rugs. One of my next projects is to make rugs for my bathrooms and bedrooms. I can finally get started now that I know what I need to get.

I highly recommend getting that To Do list shortened down. I feel a great sense of accomplishment knowing how much having my yarn organized is easier for my brain to function. I don’t have to rummage through a bag of yarn! Finally!

Here is the to the yarn winder I bought on Amazon Adhafera Yarn Winder with Yarn Guide, Yarn Ball Winder for Crocheting, The Helper for Yarn Collection Lovers

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