I love everything handmade and there is a lot to be made! It is easy to get distracted with daily life and I really needed to sit down and decide what to design. I’ve made a few prototypes and I narrowed it down to Floppsy the Bunny.

Floppsy the Bunny

This is my first completed Floppsy and I am designing clothing and other accessories for her. Fall is here with its earthy colours and tones which is my favourite palette to work with. I have my idea book in hand and I’m ready to create.

This website is slowly but surely coming together and I do love the process. I willI am currently enjoying a cup of coffee curled up with

Along with Floppsy, I made some of the cutest baby bonnets and hats, I want to share with you. I have some gift ideas and projects I am putting together. Getting organized is a high priority right now. I am organizing a Crochet for beginners tutorial as well as getting ready to publish my Floppsy the Bunny design. Oh what an exciting time for us to get to know each other.

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